Dear members and friends;

 Marmaris Chamber of Commerce has completed its 20th year and from foundation to today it has contributed to regional and national economy. Principally, thanks to our founder Mustafa BALCI and the chairman of the board who has contributed so far. Also, thanks to our all members and staff.

First, I respectfully commemorate our sister Jale Bayındır who gained the mercy of God and all our members.  Today, when we compare the Marmaris chamber of Commerce to other Chambers in Muğla shows that we are too young as 20 year in Chamber of Commerce. But, in a short time Marmaris Chamber of Commerce demonstrated proficiency in all areas.

Dear members and friends, we serve our projects with the spirit of being  pioneer  and leader without compromising in our area.  Our first aim is not only fullfilling legal services to generate projects Chamber of Commerce but also we want to develop Marmaris’ commercial life. As Marmaris Chamber of Commerce we have produced some projects about awareness and trademarking works. ,These works have interests in national and international area so our success of produce and work are increasing day by day.

I want to share  our implemented projects with you. We founded Osmaniye Marmaris Honey House to protect the name of Marmaris Pine honey. We trained hundreds of beekeepers about polen, propolis and bee venom. Also many tourist are visiting the Marmaris honey house to see the Marmaris pine honey and beekeeping museum. They are learning lots of things about beekeeping.

The name of gaining new destinations, we clenaed and landscaped the ancient city Amos to protect our cultural heritage and to provide visitors. We also prepared a work ‘’ KARYADAN CUMHURİYETE MARMARİS’’ is a cultural publication to tell the history of Marmaris. Our another work ‘PENINSULA STRATEGIC PLAN’ is prepared as a guide for public institutions, members and capitalist businessmen. It  includes all data of our region. The other study is related with İÇMELER hot spring water. We prepared technical studies and analyses to impart the health spa tourism with the help of Istanbul University.

We founded a unit related KOSGEB and we registrated all our members. Shortly, our members benefit from the  various opportunities of KOSGEB. As Marmaris Chamber of Commerce management, we organised training courses and seminars for our staff and members. About five thousands people attended these organisations and received vocational training certificates.

We completed our technological needs and created our electronic archieve. Today we are serving  ISO 9000-9001 quality standars since 2013. Our another Project is ‘ROTA MARMARİS’. We offered our Project to Southern Aegean Development Agency and they accepted it and they provided 226.00 tl support for this Project.  We are stil working on this Project. Also since May, we have activated Greece Sheng Visa service center in our Chamber to provide easiness for our members and Marmaris.

Our dear members and friends, we will always work for Marmaris and we will improve our opportunities and services.  As you know, tourism is only three or four months continuing in Marmaris.  We have to find out some solutions to long this term. As I said before, if we improve new brands we can have long-term tourism.  Also we want to provide another economical sectors apart from tourism and commerce. According to us, agriculture can support tourism and we can improve agricultural sectors.

Dear members, we joined the 7th Council of Industry and Commercemeting in Ankara in August 2014. We have  chance   to tell our important problems. Our the most important problem is related with accomodation in tourism. All-inclusive system in accommodation is a big problem for Marmaris Commercial area. We want to have innovative approach in tourism. Not only having sun and beach tourism but also we want to have health, thermal, congress and faith tourism. I hope we will have new opportunities in national and international area.

Also, I’m proud to share with you as a Marmaris Chamber of Commerce we are the member of ECO Chamber of Commerce. (Economic Cooperation Organisation) Our accrediation work is stil continuing and at the end of this year we will have the status of Accrediated Chamber.

We want to improve social and cultural unity and to share ideas, to produce new organisations we are friends with Bulgaria Burgaz Chamber of Commerce, Artvin Chamber of Commerce and Antakya Chamber of Commerce.

One of our another work is MERSIS ( Commercial Registration Process). We organised training seminars for accountants and financial advisors about Commercial registration process. Our another new Project is Discount card.  We prepared a discount card Project to special discounts for only Marmaris Chamber of Commerce members.