Ø  As an accredited chamber; our first aim is to reach the world standards while servicing in all areas.

Ø  Providing quality service for members, customers and stakeholders

Ø  Developing the commercial life of Marmaris and increasing the commercial business

Ø  Increasing the member’s competitive potency in domestic and international market.

Ø  Consulting Legal and Financial service for members

Ø  Ensure the promotion of member’s in domestic and international area.

Ø  Providing the employees and members’ needs about Education, Project, Research&Development, Foreign Trade and Entrepreneurship.

Ø  To produce added value projects in each sector and create new projects for members with “A Project for each member” slogan.



Marmaris Chamber of Commerce’s main aim is economical growth of destination and ensure the economical growth of members, with protection of destination’s as social, cultural, natural and historical heritage.

Ø  Preserving these principles for being leader in our destination is to provide our member’s satisfaction about professional ethics and trusts in social responsibility.

Ø  Exposing  and preserving all the values belongs to Marmaris and providing commercial development

Ø  Being valuable and social responsibility institution for our members and stakeholders

Ø  Leading the commercial partnership.

Ø  Following the global developments and inform the members.

Ø  Performed the accreditation and become a chamber as European Union norms in the international area.

Ø  Support the entrepreneurship.

Ø  Providing a brand value for our Chamber and members.

Ø  Organizing the activities for icreasing the participant of members.